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lifeline-fire should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Thank you for the reply. It is quite funny because when I bought the car I was advised by the vendor that it was an ex intersport chassis. I spoke to Glenn Waters to try and confirm this but he had no record of the chassis numbers he ran. I can support Jeremy in the fact that Richard Dutton did run Scott in an RT3 for the first few races of 85. This car would have had to run to the new flat bottom regs intoduced for 85. Waters did produce the update kit for RT3s but I am aware he was the only one who did as Ralt did not seem to be interested in supplying them, probably to busy in making new cars to the new regulation. Looking at the entry list of the first round of the 85 British F3 championship then Scott was entered in an RT30 VW under the Mint Engineering banner. However the program (Which I purchased of ebay) has a few notes on it and there is a did not start next to Scotts name. However his name has been put next to car no 22 driven by an American Ray Stover which was a RT3 run by Richard Dutton. Scotts car must not have been ready in time for the start of the season and he opted to drive for Dutton. Am I correct in stating that Scott had taken a bit of a backward step in 1985 and come back to F3 from F2 to rejuvinate his career. Dan if you had any access to the 85 Monaco F3 race I would be very interested to see who ran Scotts car.
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