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Forgive my ignorance but is owned by Zak Brown as a post above seems to indicate?

If so I feel it is step forward as he is a savvy guy who loves his racing and race cars as opposed to Haymarket who seem to be just soulless publishers.
Originally Posted by chunder View Post
Not sure who owns it, the thinking was it was something to do with Liberty Media, and we all know who they are!

You are right about Hayshed though, soulless only interested in profit, hence why all their magazines look awful, are full of adverts and suffer endless drops in readership.
He's not the owner, just the chairman.
He was brought in to add a shimmer of credibility, and I'm sure he gets a reasonable salary.

But it's all owned by a man called Mike Zoi, a Russian-born American, who made his money in online credit card transactions, and isn't a bad racing driver himself (he's a former IMSA Ferrari Challenge champion).
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