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chunder should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridchunder should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridchunder should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
I don't buy any print magazines anymore, other than one offs if I am staying away somewhere and want something to read.

Price is the main reason, decent mags are now a fiver even 6 quid and that is far too much for me in all honesty when you consider how much other magazines that are popular cost, womens magazines are often far cheaper for example, men and cars are an easy cost target. Same as gaming and the like

Don't how MN stays afloat to be honest it is garbage now, at least MCN has some decent stuff in it still and massive classifieds to justify the cost, plus a more loyal audience, even if it is still a comic at times and their obsession with tabloid crap baffles me.

MN used to be awesome, I bought it every week for a decade until I worked there and stopped buying it soon after I left as from the inside I got a bad insight. They stopped doing decent in depth reporting and went to news which is fair enough but then you found out how hard news was to get hold of that was worth a damn. And it was very pro circuit racing when I stopped read, which was not their big fanbase when I started to read it, it was a rally paper and not so much focus on F1 and bigger stuff. They have tried to change, but it's just not a worthy thing surely now.

Autosport has stayed pretty much the same, they cover most things in some depth, but its just full of pictures, little depth (other than F1 which I couldn't care less about these days) and is also covered in their own F1 magazine. they just know it HAS to be in there or no-one will buy it.

So nothing caters for my palette. Some road cars mags do, CCC used to be awesome til went down the pan when they went chasing the track day crowd and ignored what made them massive as IPC sold them down the river to focus on manufacturer based mags like Land Rover and Mini, easy readership.
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This used to be such a vibrant place. Unless you are Oz or like 24h races whats the point now?