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Originally Posted by Colin Parkinson View Post
So the interpretation on fire extinguishers is .........?

I have not seen anything yet.
I received the following e-mail from the MSA technical dept, in response to a direct question. The change is in the recognition that there is no maximum age limit of 10 years for extinguishers and that a qualified fire extinguisher,but non-manufacturer agent, can service the bottles, as long as you do not need the extinguisher to retain homologation, which you don't in uk club racing until 2022.

Dear Andy,

There is no maximum life for an extinguisher in either MSA or FIA regulations. Some manufacturers will give their systems a maximum serviceable life but this is a commercial decision for that manufacturer. A non-FIA homologated system can be serviced by any suitably qualified person, however we would recommend that the manufacturers service schedule is followed.

Best Regards

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From: Andy
Sent: 12 February 2018 16:57
To: Technical <>
Subject: Fwd: Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Good Morning

The recent regulation change regarding fire extinguisher servicing states that extinguishers are to be serviced in accordance with manufacturers guidelines.

Some manufacturers have decreed that they will not service extinguishers that are 10 years old.

Please can you tell me categorically whether this is an absolute rule, that extinguishers are now lifed to 10 years from date of manufacture and then have to be discarded or whether it is possible to get an extinguisher serviced by a qualified and competent Fire Extinguisher engineer and still be useable (albeit none homologated) even if it is over 10 years old, as long as it passes the test and service regime.

Thank you

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