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I've been working on this for a while. I originally wanted to get it finished before the Indy 500, oh well..

This is an oval inspired by both the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Talledega Superspeedway. This oval has banking of 15deg in turns 1-4, 7deg in the short chutes between turns 1 &2, and 3&4, and 10deg through the tri-oval/finish line area.

The blue configuration (oval with chicanes) would be good for high speed, hard braking testing, while the white and pink configs offer alternative road courses which utilise the oval "pit road", in contrast to the green grand prix config which uses a pitlane on the straight between oval turns 2-3.

The back straight is flat to allow for a grand prix grid.When the grand prix pits are in use, the inside wall is moved away from the pit buildings and towards the track edge to form the pitwall.

Roadcourse barriers and tirewalls are in place as usual, but not shown are the SAFER barriers, which would encompass the entire outside wall of the oval, and on the inside at key places.
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