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Porsche's in rallycross

Over the years Porsche's have been used with reasonal success in rallycross. It wasnt really about how competitive these great cars were, it was just the spectacle of them, when I say Porshe's it was just about alway's the 911 or in the other gize's of 930, 990, 935. The reason for this post is to find out your favourite all time rallycross Porsche's. I will name a few Ive been lucky enough to see in action over my 23 years of watching rallycross. I'll start with probably the most successful one the Matti Alamaki bi-turbo 4X4. Matti won the European championship with this car in the mid 80's, it was a very costly venture with alot of Le Mans technology involved, But Matti did great in it, it most have been a ******* to drive with a reputed 900bhp+ power output, the car ended up with Marko Jokinen who didn't match the success his compariot had. Virtually identical, but maybe nicer to look at was the Seppo Nittymaki version, with a huge rear wing that made it abit tail happy, later used by Jukka Pelttari. other bi-turbo's were used but with limited success, Pekka Ranternan being the exception, Ludo Steukers was very spectacular as well. Late 70's early 80's were a period when the exotic GT cars were used by the leading competitors. Olle Arnesson's always went well as did Rolf Nilsson, others include Austrian Gunther Spindler, Swede Goren Lundgren,Dane Arne Jorgensen, Dane Henrik Jacobsen. German Hans Kirchhof, to name but a few.

Britain had many Porsche's, in Rob Gibson's case used with great success , even with the normally aspirated 2WD version. My favourite was Mr Porsche John Greasley's version always great noise coming from his car, also built the most powerful rallycross car to date with the black 930 bi-turbo 4x4, sadly wasn't seen as much as it should have. John Clark, Colin Perry Williams, Des Winks, Dave Wallis, Dennis Atkinson, John Cavendish, Michael Bourner, John Smith.

What's your favorite?
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