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Originally Posted by GTRMagic View Post

Maybe it WAS real
There is no question at least in my mind that David John's failed attempt was real. Paying a deposit on hard to get accomodation is also something you have to do very early in the piece, but DJ also knew that he would be able to bale out of things like accomodation without taking a hit, because of its scarcity, so no big risk there. I don't doubt that DJ also paid deposit's on other logistical necessities either, the car shown was also wrapped in black so either that was paid for, or a typical DJ contra deal was done.

Certainly I believe DJ had every intention of fulfilling his dream of resurrecting TKR, by going back to Bathurst with the brand, just as long as he was successful at pulling on the heart strings and wallet's of proud kiwi's once again.

That he failed is no surprise to many people, as his bid was always on the back off using other peoples money to rise again like the preverbal Phoenix from the cold ashes of his many fires.

To raise around $200K is a big ask, but not impossible if you bait the hook with some juicy morsels, like top performing ex-pat Kiwi drivers, an ex Triple Eight car, and of course the lure of the famous Mountain. It could have worked, but it needed a lot of real "seed money" up front to have any real chance, and that's were it failed, at least in my opinion.
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