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Originally Posted by tobyobi View Post
Also no longer homologated for TCR:

Doesn't stop someone trying to make a new car, like the Mazda that has been developed, but you're up against it.
Why not just run the Mazda... Ford, Mazda close enough!

Love those Rays Engineering Volk TE37 on there too. I'm not sure that any of the other TCR cars use lightweight forged wheels -- I suspect forged lightweight wheels are not allowed in order to cut costs?

With the exceptionally (unusually) strong position of Mazda in the Australian market (compared to in other countries), some soul red Mazda3s would be a surefire hit with fans and Mazda enthusiasts...

you're up against it.
So you say that despite appearances, the Mazda is a private car and may not be competitive?

The press release makes it sound like an official product of Mazda Motosports North America. The fine folks who do the MX5 one make series cars too.

“The Mazda3 features the outstanding design and engineering that Mazda is known for, and because of that, it is a fantastic foundation for our new Mazda3 TCR,” said John Doonan, Director, Mazda Motorsports. “We have looked forward to returning to the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge for several seasons, and everyone at Mazda is very excited that we will do just that in 2020. We are eagerly anticipating success for the Mazda3 TCR in IMSA, SRO Americas and in TCR championships around the world.”

Originally Posted by tobyobi View Post
Also no longer homologated for TCR:
Naturally, after all there is a new model Ford Focus now, in fact the new ST version is already released in Europe, albeit no RS version yet. So the Focus TCR would need to be based on that.

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