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Originally Posted by Umai Naa View Post
If you were following the coverage, Eggos did in fact acquire a coupling from Tickford prior to the event. Tickford changed couplings without telling them.
Yes I did see that. But wouldn't you think, biggest race of the year, let's just confirm on Thursday at the track that we're all good and they ( Tickford ) haven't changed anything since we checked the rig a few weeks ago.

Dunno, maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't be leaving anything to chance at the biggest meeting of the year for the sake of 5 minutes to check / confirm. Seems pretty basic to me Especially when they had problems last year when they engaged the services of DJRTP ( I think they said it was DJRTP ), so this year they changed to Tickford to avoid a repeat of last year. Common denominator starting to creep in?
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