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AU N EGL should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridAU N EGL should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by JAG
P1 is remaining, there will just be a P1 Evo variation for 'GT' like cars.

Think Mercedes CLR, that's the best guess so far.
Are you sure? the ACO mentioned staying with the four class structure


any new "evo' p1 cars would be in the LMP1 class, not a seperate Evo class IIRC

"-- The possibility of choosing between prototype closed and open prototype is maintained, but (because there is a but), the COA would like to have a real diversity, "the cars look different and not just by their design" says Daniel Poissenot. As a result, in collaboration with Gordon Murray, a new definition body will even days in 2010, with a wider cockpit, knowing that cars today are still permitted. This regulation will be unveiled in November.

"The current cars and the new car will be balanced," said Daniel Poissenot, and it brings several questions: between diesel engines, Essence "traditional competition," Essence "GT" Hybrid and the different bodies, LMP1 current and future LMP2010 , How to get a good equivalence? The mission promises to be complicated for a settlement that presents itself as the map: failing to agree on a settlement, we try to please everyone with adjustments (engine or bodywork)."

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