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Ha OK, fine, I do understand now! I got two phone calls by PA. They were asking for help to define the perfect 2020 spectator profile. First call was rather friendly with a tough accent, familiar but not vulgar. So I sent a mail like this:
living on an island,
either long legs or short pants,
likes electric cars but can't plug a wire,
hates Cayennes,
drinks hot beer and eats warm sandwiches,
likes to talk with drunk people at 2 in the morning, in the shade of a Merc',
can live without going to the john - not without any consequence, pls check -,
likes to wander in the landscape shouting houx-houx-houx,
likes to make camping in a bath tub,
under considers so much LMC drivers that he wants to drive himself.
That's it. The key of a new success.
Only ten minutes later, I got the second phone call. The accent was vulgar and rough when saying: "C'on, Jeremy Clarkson, we no ya, you only want Grange Lovers! But we no cars here, ya no… Put me through our GG right now!"
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