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speedy king should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridspeedy king should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Regional Kart championships?

I've thought about this idea many times. We have Super One and Stars Of tomorrow National championships however it's not unknown that to compete in these you need to have a fair amount of money and time on your hands.

There's the NKRC (i think?) however they are very selective on what classes to run and travel very nationally again which requires large quantities of money.

What i think would be good is to have some form of regional championships. I.e South, South East, Midland, East, West, North and i think Scotland might already have one?

For example south east could have:

Rye House,
Bayford Meadows

East could have:
Red Lodge,

Each hosting one meeting maybe two depending on track allowances but keeping the cost of racing to club level and having them regionally means travelling costs are minimal.

Any support for the idea?
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