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crozier74 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
I had exactly the same thought about a year ago.

Point is, there (kinda) are!


Only problem is, both have kinda shot themselves in the foot as far as being “regional” championships. Both concentrated on individual classes (gearbox and FBlue respectively), at the expense of grids in the other classes. I did the NKF in ’03 and it was great fun, learning new tracks and racing against new people. It’s a shame it’s not (yet) achieved it’s potential. Also did the NKRA, but that was always a rather pointless affair – it’s amateurish and the trophies didn’t mean much to me.

But would agree that a PROPER “regional” championship structure would go down well, as a kinda midway point between club and national level. How about this?

Scottish/Ulster region (SSS) Boyndie, Crail, Golspie, Larkhall, Nutts Corner
Northern region (NKF) Fulbeck, GYG, PFI, Rowrah, Three Sisters, Warden Law, Wombwell
Midlands region Ellough, Kimbolton, Little Rissington, Llandow, Shenington, Whilton Mill
Southern region Bayford Meadows, Blackbushe, Buckmore Park, Clay Pigeon, Dunkeswell, Lydd, Rye House

Now all we need to do is convince the powers-that-be!
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