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crash should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Here's the deal: You are asked to make an alltime
F1-Mega-team, using the drivers, car etc of your choice. As long as it has been in F1 as some stage, you can include it. By the way, you can mix and match, eg. you could have a BRM with an Ilmor engine

If I could make an alltime F1 dream team, this is how it'd be:

Car: 1950 Alfa Romeo (Fast, wiped out the competition)
Engine: Cosowrth DFV (The best engine ever)
Number One Driver: Ayrton Senna (who else? He is the best)
Equal Number One Driver: Jim Clark (Same reason as senna)
Test Driver: Mika Hakkinen (great bloke, great driver)
Team Manager: Colin Chapman (innovative)
Test Track: Spa-Francochamps (the old one)
Tyres: Goodyear (why not?)
Livery: John Player Special (the best livery in my opinion)

What do you think? How about your personnal megateam?
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