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canaglia should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridcanaglia should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Chiana View Post
Great news! One final hurrah is what we deserved

Pretty sure is still not entirely sure though, isn't it :/ I remember back in Spa 2018 when Dragonspeed was angry about the penalties being applied if they did too lengthy stints (in the fear of their waiver-bronze driver), and then some people in the sportscar media claimed they had seriously misinterpreted the rules and such would never really happen. Of course, it did happen. Then, after the stint caps were axed for Fuji, everyone also thought they would never come back... until it did.

The last time around Toyota was able to bring it back for oneoff appearance because they had the VETO right for such, I wonder if they still do...

Maybe this year, they announce the comeback of it 30 minutes before practice, in revised bulletin?

I guess if there is one single not-entirely-negative thing about bop racing, it's that no such absurd invention of separation is possible. There are other horrible inventions in great numbers but not that. The stint limit is basically the reverse counterpart of the reference lap time absurdity in Creventic racing
Agree, that 1 extra lap mandatory advantage was clearly due toyota huge influence on everything related to tech/sport regulamentations
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