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Originally Posted by canaglia View Post
you're right, 2012 R18 e-tron Quattro and R18 ultra were basically in the same performance range despite R18 ultra wasn't a hybrid car at all (it just had a ballast installed on front to simulate the presence of the flywheels). But need however to remember that 2012-2013 R18 e-tron hybrid flywheel system was a really prehistoric tech and the boost release was however poor; infact despite both toyota and audi could release only 0.5MJ after each designated braking zone, toyota TS030 had a much better boost and accleration in exit corners as confirmed by audi drivers as well.
Recall that also lola dyson installed a similiar flywheel system, but as said, being flywheel nothing actually special, they basically had no real advantage against MPR HPD ARX.

Anyway, ok, toyota and peugeot LMH will be able to release hybrid boost only at 120km/h, but that doesn't change a lot actually if both of them will be allowed to have a 670hp ICE.
After 120km/h we'll get toyota and peugeot being pushed by 670hp+hybrid boost, not hybrid cars will however rely only on their ICE 670hp.

I think a more relevant example was 2009 in F1, where Brawn and RBR dominated the season without hybrids, while teams that ran hybrids often struggled to match their performance on a consistent basis.
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