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canaglia should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridcanaglia should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by chernaudi View Post
I think a more relevant example was 2009 in F1, where Brawn and RBR dominated the season without hybrids, while teams that ran hybrids often struggled to match their performance on a consistent basis.
to be honest f1 2009 example doesn't fit well actually...
lack of kers aside, brawn gp dominated first half of season because was the one along williams and toyota to have the infamous double diffuser, unfortunately williams and toyota were powered by the weak marmorini's toyota V8 and couldn't match brawn gp speed that had the more powerful mercedes V8.
When also other teams recovered their aero/diffuser deficit in the second half of the season, RBR and mclaren improved a lot becoming the best 2 teams in grid.
At the end, 2009 season was mainly about the double diffuser gray regs. zone than else. Anyway you're right, not every team had kers in 2009 season, but who had it, had also an overweighted car because of that... the extra torque was somehow compensated by extra weight, and those cars were really really heavy since from that season they had to carry on about 240L of fuel from the start since refuel were banned.
Not to mention that hybrid boost kers release of pre-2014 f1 cars was really mild, infact RBR in 2012-2013 instead of getting extra power on straight or exit corner, used it as a TCS-like system to have some extra speed in corners.

At the end, LMH 1030kg X 670hp+hybrid boost vs hybridless LMH 1030kg X 670hp, we are going basically to see another works vs rebellion show
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