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Originally Posted by Umai Naa View Post
The whole thing is now geared towards making Mr Manolios a lot of money.

More tyres, at a higher price - He's the Pirelli motorsport tyre distributor for Australia.

Introduces a 'Cup' class so he can sell a few Huracan Super Trofeos - He's the Lamborghini Sqaudra Corse distributor for Australia.

Well you can kiss the series goodbye then. Iíve had more then one previous competitor complain about entry costs and tire prices under the previous ownership-hence the previous entrants. Not to mention a bunch of ****ed off pro drivers who canít compete anymore except in enduro cup.

Some people donít learn do they??

8 champ class cars down from 13 in 2018 and 27 in 2016/17 is worrying seeing as though itís supposed to be the series glamor event that previously has attracted massive grids of the latest and greatest cars.
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