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Originally Posted by Down F0rce View Post
I'm doing it! Will be flying to Japan in May. One week in Tokyo before taking the train to Nagoya, where I will stay while I attend the Super GT race at Suzuka.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated. I'm doing lots of research so i think I'll be okay for getting there and getting around.

I'd really like to go on a circuit safari, but I will only be going on Sunday. Will that be possible?
usually you can take bus (400 JPY) from Kintetsu Railway Shiroko Station (50 mins express train from Nagoya Station) and traffic condition should be okay for access (about 25-30 mins for ongoing and additional 10 mins for returning trip during Suzuka 1000km last two years)

About accommodation there are couple of hotels in Suzuka city but usually rise up price, living in Nagoya should be better for sightseeing with additional one hour but event finish time are quite early.

for circuit safari it happen on Saturday therefore it is impossible.......and the activities itself ticket selling is a mystery
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