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hvr777 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid

Originally Posted by Japanese Samurai View Post
Team Studie BOB Suzuki blog contains a controversial episode.
He is quoting a BMW M6 GT3 promotional movie by BMW Motorsport.
Surprisingly, NO Super GT activity in that movie.
Suzuki says that Super GT doesn't exist in the world seen from Munich.
And he says Super GT is "a Galapagos island."
Is he saying the truth or is it just sour grapes?
Probably a mere of sour grapes. I've just seen the video, actually not all races (which have M6 GT3 on the field) are covered on the video.
I think the selected races from each continents are well-represented as a "global race".

If BMW makes that video again for 2018 racing season, hopefully they include Suzuka 10hr race.
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