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Hi mab01uk, I have just been reading your old posts which brought back memories to me.I was born and bred in Ewell and worked for a couple of years at Lankesters L,head running the parts dept while Ray Bell was the top mechanic.If I have read this right he was your eldest brother?
Anyhow Ray was a workaholic and soon had enough private jobs to set up on his own,working on the driveway and single garage at his parents house.At the sametime I decide to have the summer off work and ended up helping Ray on a day to day basis,collecting ,delivering cars and even doing the odd bit of mechanics for him.I lived on the London Rd the other side of the Organ Inn and can vaguely collecting one of his brothers from school.The highlight of the week would be towing the mini to brands on a wed, for a test session,originally behind his ex DJ Bond cortina estate and then a burgandy mk1 capri complete with sunroof,unfortunately only 1300cc! W,ed meet up with the likes of Paul Butler,Chris Tyrell and Ray soon started to progress.I can also remember his lovely girlfriend,not her name though,who lived in a big house in Esher,although whether they approved of him we will never know!!
At the end of the summer I had to get a proper job and drifted apart from Ray but as with everyone else where shocked at his early tragic death,I used to go to school with the driver, a sad sad day.
Brought back great memories of a bygone era.

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