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Originally Posted by Duddha View Post
That's where historic motor sport gets interesting. The Non-Homologated cars are handled through an intricate work of getting the period documentation such as pictures, programs, scrutineering sheets, bills of sales, manufacturers documentation and so on altogether to prove the specification you claim to have existed at a given moment in the timeframe you wish to register the car in.

On the Ginetta G4R it was handled in the FIA over a period of two years and with two different and comprehensive dossiers put together by the Applicant, with numerous pictures, documentation and testimonies on the car from USA and UK as well as tracking the period car to seek further clarification.

On our side, a total panel of 6 people were consulted, either for their period knowledge of the manufacturer and model, the rules and their interpretation as well as simply the analysis of the dossiers submitted.

Another aspect which may be of interest in this is that we also carry our own research, the FIA gathers together its own database in order to analyse or asses period practices. We give way ourselves and this through our own documentation. We try, once a period practice is proven to have it become acceptable should the specification be matching and that's the key aspect.

One practice may appear "acceptable" but remember that a specification is a whole and not "cherry picking" the best out of one and another.
Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed reply - very much appreciated 🙂Surely it is not possible to determine every last detail of the specification however? Items featured in homologation papers such as brake disc diameter, gear ratio, valve sizes, minimum weight surely cannot be identified precisely in all cases because the records surely don’t exist. My assumption would be that these open points are resolved based on what was likely - for example, taking over valve sizes from other similar cars homologated with the Twin-Cam engine, weight from the regulations governing the class, disc size inferred from a period article “brakes were Triumph items” or something along those lines?
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