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To give an opinion, I think this is useless.

Historic Motor Sport has been going through cycles, just like any sport and category does. Interest has grown it's fair to say but just like the market, it goes through phases, waves, call it what you want.

I do not see the sport and category disapear or die, maybe the 20/80% balance will change or be affected by the recent trends we see in the sport. The lack of will to enforce and control regulations has surely been the biggest blow to the sport in the last 20 years.

It has come from a mainly amateur driven sport to fully operational modern operation with engineers and development that comes with it. Add the need to keep numbers up and you drive away the true enthusiast and amateur to create the imbalance that see grid numbers falling apart.

The other and last aspect is the lack of strategy from organisers and operation running the sport. Thinking of calendar and time in-between competition is key to keeping everyone happy and subscribing to a package or entry, less is more but as everybody wants to grab a part of the cake, the cuts are just getting smaller.

Working with the governing body for little more than two years, we've tried to bring people in and to sit down for regulations or calendars but as with the self centered world we live in, they only look at their own feets once the politically correct and roundtables are done...

It will survive and go on, just on a different mode, mood or trend. I just hope it will stay historic and not become silhouette.
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