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zefarelly should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridzefarelly should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridzefarelly should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
A log book is a good idea, some people keep them anyway. It would also serve a purpose should a car change hands . . . . ie a reliable race finisher . . . or not, an idiotic owner . . .or not. . . . nut behind the wheel a bit loose?

First hand experience of wheels falling off . . . . . Goodwood Fordwater trophy in the Tornado. I never got the opportunity to apologise to 'rock royalty offspring' for what must have been a bit scary (AC up my chuff would have been extremely close to the loose wheel doing 80mph) I spread the word that rear drive shafts are unfit for purpose. exactly the same thing happened to another Tornado 5 months later on the very same corner. Avoidable, but a deaf (ex) owner.

In our hands at least, this issue is well documented and has now been resolved. No performance gain, just a safer more reliable car which is now finishing races.

A simple finish/DNF record, and cause for DNF and 'accident' tick box would speak volumes.

It would also open another can of worms . . . unless administered by say a CoC ( signed and approved statement by owner maybe ? I nthe case of an accident

Then you get onto things like Cortina-Renault incident at Goodwood . . . . I know what happened, the punters read what gets put in the GRRC story book and all the other tales in between.

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