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terence should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridterence should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by Simon Hadfield View Post
The concept, Max, would be at the next race the scrutineers, when handed the logbook would ask to see the receipt for the replacement hub, would ask to see what steps had been taken - modified hub, better material, different supplier, different installation procedures possibly - and that would be recorded on the logbook. As there are no wasteful queues and waiting the scrutineers would have the time to be proactive like this. Also at the same time, as I mentioned, all the other owners of cars with similar components could be updated and informed as to likely problems. If we really value safety rather than just ticking health and safety boxes then surely this is a worthwhile train of thought?
A logbook would also (although obviously not recording testing etc) give a much better idea of seat, seatbelt and bagtank usage - then we would have real time information as to when things wear out, we would not have to be under some lowest common denominator blanket constriction as we are now.
Further, if someone is found to be "pushing the envelope" of technical development then other similar cars can be informed (and checked) and the spread of regulatory inconsistencies can be stopped far quicker.

But then some ten years ago on this very forum I said that the "arms race" in Historic racing was out of control and needed better very right I was....
So what has improved in that time Simon?
That was around the same time it was suggested to me to "Forget Historics Terry,their fxxxxd"The reason behind that suggestion was because the "data base"that was supposedly being created to keep track on the cars and or new owners had little or effect on the amount of non conforming modifications then,probably zero effect these days.
So a log book will stop what and how will it do it?Desparate owners will always find away around thesr things-they always have.
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