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grantp should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridgrantp should be qualifying in the top 3 on the gridgrantp should be qualifying in the top 3 on the grid
Originally Posted by Mike Bell View Post
Glad you’ve all worked out what adblu is and what it does! I’ve lived with an adblu Merc van for over 3 years, and it really isn’t a big deal. It has a separate gauge that is accessed via the settings menu, and warns when down to 1/4 full. The filler is next to the diesel one, well marked and a different nozzle size (smaller).
Hi Mike,

Yes it's not a big deal though from what I have heard (and read here) the "distance between fill up" are likely wildly wrong.

The things about this experience though is that the gauge seems to be very useless (400 miles drops to 0 after 12 miles) or the levelness of the vehicle is ultra critical (which is clearly ridiculous especially for an off-roader) and the documentation is all over the place - including the in-car, electronic, user manual.

And then Volvo service seems unable to help on the phone and promises a 90 minute service it cannot deliver an hour later.

Overall an unimpressive experience especially for someone driving their second example of the car having had the first for 2 years. We knew what the initial problem might be bit there was no obvious message that the "fix" would not allow the car to work.

A full 10ltr container lifted to the height required for the filler on an XC90 would be quite a physical task for many owners - especially holding it at that height during a rather slow filling process.

And if the car is totally immobile during that period I can think of situations where that could be extremely inconvenient and maybe dangerous.

Not very Volvo like.

And realistically the requirement for the Ad-blue treatment availability is a purely ecological matter. Creating inconvenience and potential danger (in other travel situations) merely for fine control of emissions for a temporary period makes no sense at all. IMO.
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