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Originally Posted by strider
Which part is good news? Salvador Duran coming back?

As for Team GBR, if the decision not to race at Taupo is down to economics, I'm sure it's not just the cost of getting a driver there that is the problem.

But I agree with kerrmaningjarv. It's not enough just to say that GBR won't be there, even in a forum such as this. We would like to know why and if there is a link to a news story confirming the fact. There is no mention of GBR in the official preview here, which I suppose confirms the story in a way.

I shall be cheering for Adam Carroll, and hope that Salvador Duran and Narain Karthikeyan also do well.
I'm not sure - that post was moved by one of the mods from another thread into this one, so I dunno what good news Richard was talking about.

And as for GBR at Taupo - they are listed in the latest press release as participating in the PR activity before the event - so maybe they will be there after all. We'll see.
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