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olivk should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
1) A training circuit doesn't need a run-in-run-out pitlane,
2) I totally love that track!
3) Keep the pitlane as it is and make it a RACEtrack

But clockwise! Considering it the clockwise way round :

T1 and T2 are a great sequence, followed by the fast back curves ending in a dramatic in-curve braking zone before a middle-speed right-curve, a more standard left-turn followed by a straight long enough to make a nice overtaking opportunity before the 180 left-curve, the this three right-curves each with a larger radius than the one before, allowing for progressive speed take up until you reach the pit straight again.... me likes

And now that i look at it again are you sure you didn't mean it clockwise too? looking at some gravel areas it looks more like that.

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