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Rare Video - The Great Race

I found a video at the Video store today called 'The Great Race', it was a review from the Hardie Ferodo/JH 1000's between 1978-1981, it was ok, showed a bit more than the 75/85 video, but still wasn't long enough, it also looked like the end was cut a bit, indicating it may have been on TV?. Some interesting points:

Moffat joined Mike in the commentary box back in 1978 at the mountain after his car has failed, they were still together in '99.

Was Moffat thinking of retiring after 1979, Evan Green asks him if he will be back in '80, and he says he would rather not answer it.

The video showed an edited and commentary free of Bartlett's Hardies Heroes '81 lap, that was wonderful, best one that i've seen.

It also got me thinking, how many rare video's (ie.. not sold any more) are there around these days from Australia's motorsport history?
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