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FalconEL should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid

I think I remember the footage. It was an incar shot from Dick Johnson's XE Falcon in 1982 as the cars (himself, Kevin Bartlett and John Harvey) made their way through the Lawrence/Russell, Wigston/Harrington, Finnigan/Gates Commodore crash at the Cutting. It was pretty dangerous back then I agree, but I think you'll find DJ wasn't at full race pace, more likely about 6/10ths.

There was another instance when Peter Willamson in the Celica arrived around the blind left hander before the Cutting in 1981 and came very close to hitting the back of a truck which was stopped on the left, however there is no question that he was still at full race pace. I think at the time he was mouthing off to Mike Raymond on the Racecam and more than likely missed the flaggies signals or just didn't care about anything other than not losing time flogging the little tool-eater Toyota up the hill by backing off.

In my opinion, back in the days of Quick-Lift trucks etc. the drivers in the main, drove to the conditions (respected and expected that there might have been a rescue vehicle ahead) and therefore there would have been very few, if any accidents involving rescue vehicles. To me it's all about common sense and respect. No question, thesedays the cars are a lot faster, however the current crop of drivers don't show the same type of respect for:

a) their own equipment (they don't really have to because they are virtually unbreakable thesedays so they flog the things to death. The days of showing a little "mechanical sympathy" are long gone).

b) the conditions (Bathurst 2000 and 2001 was a good example where cars were spearing off everywhere repeatedly virtually all day)

c) their opponents (crashing into each other in V8 Supercar racing is acceptable whereas back in the days of Group C, panel damage occurred fairly rarely).

What was the thread again???????? Just my two cents worth anyway...

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