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Original TG 280s

Originally Posted by Norm Marshall View Post
Yes, this is one of the original cars (#3 & #6) Eddie Wachs brought over to run in the Can Am series. He sold it to a crazy LA car collector who had so many cars he lost track of what he had. It was buried and forgotten for close to thirty years in his warehouse. It is in orange livery as Wachs ran it in 1984, but being returned to Stohr's Orange Beta Tools 1980 livery. It's all most ready to go after a complete refurbishing.
We have recently been in touch with a man in Australia that has chassis No 3.

So an update on the original 9 cars from our perspective.

No 1 Not seen or been in contact, gentleman posting as RTH on the thread.

No 2 In our workshop together with one of the 3 continuation cars of Ray Rowan.

No 3 Located in Melbourne, Australia. Have had recent email exchange and pictures.

No 4 Driftwood sold it to Australia some years ago. Believed to be still with the buyer/collector.

No 5 Located in the UK and have been to visit and seen it in recent years.

No 6 With Norm Marshall as per his posting.

No 7 Believed to be in a Japanese museum. Advan colours. Can find pictures on the net.

Nos 8 & 9 As per other more recent postings uncertain.
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