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I think its ok to speculate what the DPI and GTLM grids might look like in 2020 at this stage. With P2 and GTD there is no point until the Daytona entry list comes out. But yeah as far as the all pro divisions go:

-Think DPI will remain the same cars as we have now. Maybe Juncos is 50/50 to return. But otherwise I think there are going to be no departures and new new entries as well.

-GTLM will have BMW M8, Chevy C8, and Porsche RSR 19. Still holding out hope for someone to run a Ford GT. And who knows what Risi will do beyond a run at Daytona with what is now the Le Mans winning AF Corse driving squad. Doubt AF Corse will enter GTLM races directly, same with Aston Martin. But yeah GTLM is looking long in the tooth like David Land said on one of his youtube vids. I thought allowing full pro GT3 cars in would help give it some fresh air but IMSA rejected that. Need that convergence big time now. Chevy (contrary to what Fehan says) and Porsche aint helping with that though. I mentioned this on a comment/question post to John Dagys on an S365 podcast. He disagreed with me but I stand by that Porsche and Chevrolet are NOT sad that the GTLM/GTE grids in 2020 are smaller because they have less competition.
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