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Milton Keynes were never supposed to charge car parking fees around the shopping centre which was the promise when it was built. But.. more and more of it is being charged now. There are still free parking spaces but try and get one of those on a Saturday. And I believe that all of the shopping centre surroundings will soon all be pay and display.

Another thing that annoys me is that they ask you to determine your parking stay before hitting the shops. The amount of times that I have paid a couple of quid only to find out that I only spent half an hour or an hour in there. Our parking does start charging at 20 minutes though which is good if you are only going to the shops for a quick visit at lunch time. If you can call charging at all good!

The hospital charges unless you are visiting the healthcentre there but no one checks if you are so it is nearly impossible to get a parking space in there. Thankfully, I don't use that doctors any more (horrible, horrible place). I don't know if the enforce with clamping at our hospital but most people will be to dubious to find out.

The next step in the car parking money making machine came when the parking meters on the car parks were changed to ones where you had to imput your car registration. The council's reasoning for this was that they were losing too much revenue from people passing tickets with time left on them onto people entering the car park as they left.
You mean Carrie, that they were not making the extra money on wasted tickets more like. They should only account for the certain amount of hours per day that that certain parking space can earn but they seem to rely on people wasting their money on over predicting on how long they are going to be parked for!

We obviously don't pay enough council tax...... [cough, cough]
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