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Without doubt we don't need any more football stadiums!

I have been going to Wimbledon since I was a kid, now 45ish and still a kid

I'm afraid the writing has been on the wall for some years, I know work has been done to tart it up but it is still an old structure with timber terraces etc. TBH i'm surprised it has survived this long given modern H&S bureaucracy and fairly low crowds. As Kelvin and many others did I also signed the on-line petition a while back.

I would have thought it would be cheaper for a football club to spend their money on developing a bare site rather than include the cost of demolishing most if not all of the existing stadium into the project.

On a positive note there is a new Aldershot stadium (I havn't been there yet) and stock car racing crowds seems to be growing again, so although I will miss Wimbledon when it finally goes to developers or football clubs whoever, I think/hope the racing will continue for long after.
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