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With Planning permission now granted for Houses and a Football Stadium, the danger if very very real to the last Venue of its kind in London. Wimbledon Stadium.

I even saw one comment where the Stadium could be demolished as soon a April 2016. If true it means we are alredy into the Stadiums last half season.

So far it seems that the Football Crowd have been shouting the loudest, and on the whole the media a have totally ignored the long history of Short Circuit Racing at the venue.

Thankfully it seems one newpaper editor has at least recognised the plight of London`s last Permanent Motorsport Venue.

From that a petition has been started, the first evening it picked up 2000 signatures

Hope I'm allowed to post the link here?

Even if you are just a casual fan, please sign. Lets at least show the world how much motorsport in general means to us, and how valued venues such as this are.

And it will be a great loss to loose The Last of Her Kind to housing and a football pitch.
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