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Originally Posted by jjvincent View Post

This is not even getting into the price of admission to pro racing. It's literally double as to what it was 5 years ago. This is what you pay the sanctioning body. How can double be something that is justified? Then the point of the level of professionalism has only to do with presentation and not quality. The problem is, IMSA and PWC reward that in how you are treated. There was a time they were happy when you were giving it your best shot and wanted you to feel welcome. Not any more. So, teams have to spend money on fluff which that budget is exceeding the R&D budgets of when we had to do all of the R&D ourselves. In the end, we reduced one line item and increased another by 2X. This is why doing a budget in the real world for over 30 years makes you see where the trend is going. More show and no go.

Then there's one other thing pro racing will never tell you about. All of the other startup series' that are taking this money from those rich guys. It's happening right now and it's literally only growing those series'.
Do you think AER / Champ car and the like are ever going to be in a position to challenge IMSA or PWC when it comes to eyeballs and marketing dollars? Or are we strictly talking drivers having fun, exposure be damned? I suppose the only real selling point of the IMSA/PWC experience over the fledgling series is that you are in "the big show." I know a handful of people doing AER and it's stupid cheap, relatively speaking, when it comes to racing.
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