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Fuel filler caps and necks:
When a car is fitted with an exposed fuel filler cap, the filler neck must be fitted with a one way safety valve fitted between the filler cap and the fuel tank(s).

There seems to be considerable discussion now about what constitutes firstly the filler cap and secondly exposed.As I understand it the rule was introduced simply and solely to deal with Monza type caps which protrude outside the body and have nothing between the cap and the fuel. However in most cases the cars have a bladder inside with a secondary cap-thus the Monza cap is just decoration and not the filler cap at all-so does not need a flap. At that point any car which had a bladder with a cap of some description no longer needs to fit a flap valve.The fact that modern cars in don't need this item despite having the same type as old cars has not crossed any ones mind.The second factor is say a Formula Junior or Sports racer with an exposed fuel filler cap buried deep in the car.Technically the cap is exposed thus technically the rule applies.
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