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schmidder should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Originally Posted by jjvincent View Post
The perception is that a sanctioning body can pull cars from their series and get them to run. That would be like owning a restaurant and pulling part of your customers to go to another across town and that ends up being a 2 hour drive. Sounds great in theory but in reality, you can't force your customers to do it. It's hard enough for a series here in the US that has east and west but decides to have a shootout of east vs west. Unless it pays lots of money, not worth going.

As from the post above, this is a new race and to ship a car over here for an unknown race that's pretty much for fun, is quite the challenge. This is like years ago when they had that Group C vs GTP race in Florida. Sounded great on paper but in the end, it was a dud.

Then you have a 10 hr and 2hr race at Road Atlanta the weekend before which pretty much draws all of the US teams that do endurance racing currently on a consistent basis. If you look at the ones you want for this 8hr race, it's literally the GS and GTD teams. Those teams are finishing up their season and are not going to high tail it clear across the country for rig parking on Wednesday to run a race for fun that means nothing to them whatsoever. Plus, these teams just ran at the track a few weeks ago. It end up costing too much and racers blow lots of money but there's a limit. Out of what's at road Atlanta, one car is going to do the trip.

Then you have the 24hr race in a month. Any GS, GTD, TC, GT, GTS team that is even thinking about it, at least has 3 weeks to prepare. Plus many people have run in the Creventic Series and they like it because the amount they pay vs the amount of race time beats IMSA and PWC hands down. In addition to that, you don't need a massive crew and tons of equipment. You literally race 14 hours on Saturday, park the car for 9 hours and finish up the remaining 10 on Sunday. You don't need any refueling equipment (except for two suited up guys), none of those elaborate crew uniforms either plus the crew gets a break.

Then you have that Creventic race at Spa this weekend. So you have 48 cars there and 12 of them are GT4. It's obvious they will not be doing the 8hr at Laguna.

In the end, a race with no identity and too many other events that do which are running within a month of it. Top it off, I suspect that this 8hr race will not be streaming when it's on CBS sports and who knows what convoluted system IMSA has. So, if you don't have that network, good luck. At least with the Creventic, really good streaming for the whole event.
I agree with most of this. Not sure what imsa streaming has to do with it tho?

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