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jjvincent should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridjjvincent should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Because both do a bad job of it. I hope you realize that most of the field are renters and they like it when a race is run where everyone can see it. You have to realize, that things like that sell seats and brings cars to the grid. Only thing that IMSA and PWC does right is that GT4 and TCR will have all of their races streamed during the season and there's no convoluted way you have to watch it. As for GT3, it seems that you need to be part of the club to know how and where to watch. Sometimes it's easy and other times, not so easy or it's some week delay because it needs to be on TV.

I know that the hard core fans could care less about the casual fan, so what I'm talking about doesn't mean much. When you have races where there are 5 classes with 20 cars, there's at least one reason why the interest is not there to have it up to at least 35. Honestly, the Spa 12hr race had the best streaming coverage this weekend. Go to the site, click on one thing and watch away. Pit reporting included. Not, CBS for this period of time, streaming then more CBS. Or like IMSA, in the US, you are out of luck unless you know the secret handshake.

Think about it, if you wrote a $60K check to drive a car, what would you rather have, a short race with less driving time and shifted live coverage or longer race, more driving time and where it's easy for your "sponsors" family and friends can watch whenever they want?
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