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Originally Posted by MaskedRacer View Post
Not sure if there is a need for GT cars to be faster overall than they are now. With the new LMP2 formula in place, that class will be so much faster now. We don't have a scenario anymore where in theory if you could bump the GT cars a little then we can have a overall fight between LMP and GT cars like in the 1990's at Le Mans. Its kinda too bad in a ways but at least the categories won't ever get tangled with each other anymore. This is especially going to be true once LMPC goes away for good in IMSA.

Maybe there could be some interclass mess ups between GT and LMP3 still in ELMS but that is limited too since ELMS GT is really GTE Am. It would be a huge mess if you ever had a GTE Pro and an LMP3 class in the same race but I don't think you have that anywhere right now. That is a good thing. GTLM and LMPC in IMSA is the closest to that and we won't have to deal with that more much longer. By my count there are only 7 races in 2017 were GTLM and LMPC are on the same grid.
I do not agree with you, I would like to see GTE much faster than now, In the overall fight or even at the level of the LMP2.
The overall fight between LMP and GT cars in the 1990's was fantastic and the fight between LMP1 and LMP2 in the ALMS was fantastic too.
I would like to see overall categories fights again.
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