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Originally Posted by ian_w View Post
If you chose a car that is more than 10 years old then you won't have to do SVA/IVA and can just get an MOT before registering it. I've got an old Van Diemen Multisport that I'm restoring/modifying and may make road legal - I have spoken to VOSA and they confirmed that it didn't need an SVA.

It is also possible to get a 'daylight' MOT whereby you don't actually need any lights at all. As soon as you fit sidelights then you need the full complement of lights, my plan was just to have brake lights and indicators. You will however need a handbrake and a horn, I think that even a speedo is not required.

Useful website:
Hi Ian I spotted this old post. Did you ever get your van Dieman multi sport on the road? Thanks Dave
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