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All of the above leads to the effect used in sports car racing where the teams run nose down (when car is seen at rest, giving more downforce in low speed areas of the track) and with much softer rear suspensions than front. This leads to the rear of the car sinking more on the straights leveling the bottom of the car and decreasing the drag. (Does anybody remember that mercedes flipping at le mans this was apparantly caused in part by this effect)
However for my project (which was the reason that i first posted the question) none of this is very important due to the F1 rules which say (and I don't have my copy here at the moment) somthing along the lines that the bottom of the car must be parallel to the track surface at rest. The loss of smooth airflow point is a good one ( I assume that the drag increases significantly if the two boundry layers join)

More research still needed
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