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In the years either side of 1970, I bumped into Robin Rew quite a few times when we were both photographing - mainly at Curborough I seem to recall!
I was there photographing and writing reports for Autosport, MN or The Birmingham Post.
On one occasion, in a break in the action, I asked Robin about his archive. My memory may have faded a bit in the 50 years since but I do distinctly remember that his reply was along the lines of "Archive? I have no archive. I take pictures to sell now. If they don't sell they are of no use to me." (And by implication got scrapped on an annual basis.)
I have another vague recollection of hearing that when he gave up, any remaining went on a big bonfire.
I would love to be proved wrong because, as you say, they would be a fantastic archive of club motor sport back then.
Although I did get paid (a small amount!) by the journals mentioned above, I did it more as a way of earning a few pounds from a hobby - but I do still have my archive from those years, all catalogued and indexed!

Mike Dodman
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