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krt917 should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridkrt917 should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Print Possibilities!

Right, well we know that Dad (John Turner for those that don't know) basically gets to decide on what paintings and prints he's going to have done, but what do other people like? There are plenty of great cars out there in historic racing at the moment, so which ones (and at which meetings) would people want to see paintings of?

I'll start by saying I'd like to see the psychedelic Porsche 917 that Bobby Rahal (and another well-known driver whose name escapes me at the moment) used successfully at Le Mans a few years back. I've been hoping to see a well-driven 917 in historic racing for years, but it seems I'll need to go to Europe (and Le Mans in particular) to achieve that.

Jurgen Barth, at the Le Mans Classic, in the Martini 936 would be good too.

And finally, how about Simon Hadfield taking one of his many F5000 victories. It's the category's 40th anniversary in this country next year so it'd be timely as well.

There are loads of other possibilities...
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