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Originally Posted by ScotsBrutesFan View Post
Well hello stranger, good to hear from you again.

Sounds like things have certainly moved on for you. I hope this isn't just a flying visit.
Perhaps your return could spark a few others off again myself included.
My Brother ScotsBrutesFan!!!

Absolutely this is my new home! Michigan is beautiful and a ton of off road racing.

Although this is not an asphalt circuit, it's been quite fun to actually experiment and see how turns feel as you build them.

At first I drew one of my own "geometric" circuits but once here I started to do a "circumstantial" circuit using the terrain features as guides, and it kind of worked at first. Later I decided view Google again and I figured a few sections "from above" and now I've finally came to what I think is the best use of the available terrain. (My neighbors are extra cool, they allowed me to invade their land without any issues )

So this is the latest revision:
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