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Originally Posted by broadrun96 View Post
Seems like an answer to a question no one has asked??
Personally I stopped worrying about that long ago; Motorsports is full of such things. Probably half the motorsports classes in the world are answers to questions no one asked.

Esp since the cars you list wouldn't exactly be leaders compared to GTLM. Seems like they are in the LMPC gap more than a headlining class of cars.
And why not? If LMP2 can be ahead of GTLM, then certainly these cars could be. Performance shouldn't be much of an issue, as PFVs tend to be a bit faster than LMP3 and GT3(in FIA spec as well as IMSA's restricted spec) despite generally being restricted a fair bit, and without any restrictions the Ginetta G57 actually laps on par with the now-retired generation of LMP2s.

If IMSA has a serious reason to consider it, there's in my opinion no reason not to consider it. But therein lies the issue - IMSA's got a good class lineup already, so do they actually NEED it right now? My gut says no, but I hope they're actually looking at it as considering such things and planning for long-term possibilities is not a bad idea.
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