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Reynard FF 85 uprights

I have an Imp-powered single seater that utilises, what I've been told,
are Reynard FF 85 uprights allround.

They are the alloy version, as I believe they were also made in magnesium for F3.

I wish to change the bearing on one, and have it set up on a press OK. I
am finding that the outer race is exremely tight in the hub, and I was wondering if there is some special method of getting it out ?

Does the entire upright need to be heated, or what ?

Also, does someone know if the circlips holding in the bearing is a
special size ? I've measured the slot as inside dia. 94mm, and the free
diameter of the original circlip as 95.5mm. A new circlip I obtained
catalogued as "95mm" is actually 99mm free dia., and no way will this
fit the hub....

Any suggestions ?
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