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hoffman66 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the gridhoffman66 should be qualifying in the top 10 on the grid
Gardner did it the hard way which explains his attitude, he came to the UK with naff all, much like Bayliss later and plenty of others.

He was tough nut, had a particular way of riding and did not suffer fools. He was also a bit of a moaner at times, and was very injury prone, but a tougher son of a gun you could not find.

Mick was totally different, they didn't get on, for obvious reasons as Mick was much quicker once things came his way, he was not a man keen to develop the bike though, if it worked, leave it, not the HRC way. And he absolutely HATED the fact that everyone could see his data, his setups etc, and to be honest I don't blame him. He did the work, and he took the mickey later by developing a different engine like the old pre big bang units, purely to mess with Okada's and Crivilles head as he knew they would not be able to ride it. And he was right.

That is some tough stuff.
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