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Casper should be qualifying in the top 5 on the gridCasper should be qualifying in the top 5 on the grid
Originally Posted by bloxsidgemotorsport View Post
what unique safety issues are present with BEV's when they crash? This is something never talked about yet.
Formula E would have those answers I guess but apart from that I wouldn't have a clue.

I have been racing and rallying for about 50 years and the idea of no oily bits to worry about and fix might make me return to the track. I simply got tired of pouring money into the parts of the car that will get replaced with an electric motor. The whole idea sounds like motor racing nirvana to me. On the other hand I certainly am aware that the fans don't like it at all but tracks like Amaroo and OP might have had a longer life if noise was not an issue and the fans were not impressed when they closed down largely because of noise but OP was always doomed for redevelopment anyway. Wakefield Park for all its isolation can still be heard in Goulburn with the right weather conditions and is not flavour of the month with some people who live nearby so I am told. Marulan always had a major issues with noise but most of that would go away with electric vehicles.
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