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I haven't read through all 345 pages of this thread, so forgive me if someone else has suggested this, but...
All our defecting LMP1 manufacturers (plus many others) are going to formula E & will be developing state of the art 250kW ish electric powertrains, so why not stipulate the the hybrid element of the LMP-H regs must conform to these FE regulations & be completely independent of the combustion engine... so you could end up with an Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, whoever supplying a powertrain (& their badge) on your LMP1-H on the front axle (let's assume, but could be rear if your name is Nissan!) & a convention ICE on the rear. The battery pack would be much smaller than FE as it'll only be doing let's say 8MJ per lap not a full race. You could even say that the powertrain must be homogolated for FE. What I'm getting at is that if a manufacturer can split their development costs over more than one race series then it has to be cheaper, even more so if they already have a powertrain being actively developed? or am I missing something?
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